Wheel Alignment & Tires

Free Wheel Alignment Check

Our free wheel alignment check includes the vehicle being placed on the alignment rack system where laser sensors are mounted and used to measure the vehicle suspension specifications.  The results are printed out on an easy to read diagram.  In addition, an under car inspection of steering parts, suspension parts, tire wear, and tire pressures are performed. 

Front Wheel Alignment $64.95

Our front wheel alignment includes the above.  Once inspected for errors, then the camber, caster and toe angles of the front tires are adjusted according to manufacturer specifications and a new full color print out with the corrected specifications will be provided.

4 Wheel Alignment $79.95

Our four wheel alignment includes the same as a two wheel alignment, but done on all four wheels.  *This service is not applicable to all vehicles.

How do I know I need a wheel alignment?

Driving on our local roads, especially after a rough winter, can be quite challenging.  Hitting any size pot hole can put your car out of alignment on impact.  If you notice your vehicle pulling to the left or right or a crooked steering wheel you may need an alignment  Other symptoms include uneven or rapid tire wear or squealing tires.  We recommend our free alignment check every spring or 10,000 miles, when purchasing new tires, or when any suspension work is performed. 

Benefits Of A Wheel Alignment

Keeping your vehicle in line with the manufacturer's suspension specifications will improve the cars handling, reduce wear on your steering and suspension parts, improve gas mileage, and prolong the life of  your tires.  

We Are A Complete Tire Center Too!

You know you can always expect the best at Marx Auto Center, and that's why we always strive to make things fast and easy for our customers.  We offer new and used tires at our full tire service center.  Whether you need a quick flat tire repair or want to order tires for any make or model, we always try to get you back into your car as fast as possible.  For your convenience, we offer tire rotation, wheel balancing, and tire plugs.  Our technicians are highly experienced and fully trained and certified, and will handle your tire needs with true professionalism. 

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